Julia García - Blythe custom

Our hope and aim is to give each and every one of our little, Blythe dolls a soul, with their own feeling and style, each of whom in turn hopes to be adopted and to be nurtured within your hearts.
Welcome to my Blythe world, where your dreams come true.

The exclusivity of a unique piece

At JG-Blythecustom, we handmake all of our dolls, they are designed and assembled with great care and affection.  Looking after the little details is our added value.  They are collector's pieces, inique and incomparable.

The Blythe universe

Blythe dolls have a fascinating history. For over more than almost half a century they have retained the original charm of their origins. Find out about it!!

Great stories

We love stories with a happy ending. Receiving your photos both moves and inspires us... We leave you with some comments from our clients. Thank you so much to all of you!