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ONCE UPON A TIME... On a cold autumn morning in 1985, a little girl came into the world who would be called Julia. She was a very lively and playful girl; her mum recalls she used to spend entire afternoons painting and playing with her dolls.

EDUCATION/TRAINING That little girl grew up. When she finished high school she wanted to train in what she most enjoyed: creating. When she completed her studies in sculpture in Santiago de Compostela, (EASD Mestre Mateo), she studied painting at the Bens Culturais de Galicia School of Conservation and Restoration (Pontevedra).

BLYTHECUSTOM was created in 2013 when Julia discovered the fascinating Blythe world and she gave free rein to her creativity. By applying her artistic skills to the customization of these little dolls, she took her first steps in a hobby that, without her yet being aware of it, would become her passion.

The team

As a good animal-lover, Julia begins this new creative phase accompanied by her faithful friends and efficient helpers, Ron, Mango and Lima.

We introduce you to the entire team:

·  Ron  ·
This plump and loving beagle is also a ferocious guardian! He is responsible for security in the workshop and protects the little dolls during their stay at the Blythecustom studio.
·  Mango & Lima  ·
Two exquisite agapornis responsible for quality control. With their revisions and meticulous nature, they use their magnificent eyesight to supervise each creation and make sure they are perfect for their new homes ;)
·  Julia  ·
The person responsible for breathing life into the sweet little faces, allowing her imagination to take flight with each of them, creating unique and incomparable dolls.

My treasure chest of memories

My little ones are my passion. From the very first moment through to now I have watched them grow and, like any mummy, I couldn't possibly select a favourite...That is why I keep a very special memory chest that I would like to share with all of you.

And hey presto, this story has only just begun...

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