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Little Janice is a beautiful brunette, who loves fashion and when she grows up she wants to be a model like her idol Naomi Campbell. She has an impressive mane of hair and a very lovely nose, a particular trait she inherited from her family. She is very coquettish and loves playing with her mother's makeup.

Janice is not perfect, but she is unique! A handcrafted doll made with all my love and affection, it is a collector's piece not suitable for children.

She is delivered with her Outfit photographs, in customised packaging which will protect her on the journey to her new home."


*Sanding and matting of the face

*Carving of nose, philtrum and mouth

*Makeup carried out with Rembrandt pastels and pan-pastels

*Eyelids painted with acrylic paint

*Correction and elevation of eyes, sleeping eyes

*2 new eyelashes

*Hair conditioning

*4 new eyes (2 realistic and 2 hand-painted by me)

*2 new pullrings.

*New Licca tilt body

*Fixing makeup with matt spray and UVA protection.


Model: SBL Neo Blythe Takara V-Smash 2005.

Birthday: 03/08/2016.

Collection: Summer2016

Custom ID: #03

Materials: Plastic.

Hair: Sarah Redhead ( Scalp Original ).

Skin colour: Regular.

Measurements: Height 28,5cm.

Body: Licca Tilt.

Weight: 360g